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At Erindale Dental Centre in Saskatoon we enjoy giving back to the community where we live and work to help make it a better place to live for everyone! We’re pleased to have been able to contribute to the SPCA and Saskatoon Food Bank and look forward to supporting these drives again:

A BIG Thank-You to All of You generous souls who took the time to donate either to the SPCA or the Saskatoon Food Bank through our office this year. You are the type of people who keep this world moving  in the right direction. As promised, we have a fantastic prize for one of our donators (selected at random) to show our appreciation. The winner has been contacted privately to claim their prize. Additionally, our clinic has matched the donations made at $5.00/lb. to each charity, respectively. Thank-you all again from the bottom of our hearts. You make the community such a wonderful place to live in!